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Set in the universe of Erin Hunter's Warrior Cat Series in an alternate universe.
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The bitter cold of Leafbare rules the forest, made worse by all Clans encountering strange rogues in their territories...
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 Pre-Roleplay History of the Five Territories...

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Pre-Roleplay History of the Five Territories... Empty
PostSubject: Pre-Roleplay History of the Five Territories...   Pre-Roleplay History of the Five Territories... Icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2020 6:44 pm

Pre-Roleplay History of the Five Territories... Tumblr_mvp1bqaBGt1swwqebo1_500

Similar to Warrior Cats canon, it was during a harsh Leafbare that five tribe cats, Cloud who Hunts in Skies, Thunder that splits Rock, Eyes that follow Winds, Claws that gleam in Shadows and Feather that floats in Rivers, was visited by their former Stoneteller in a dream. They were told, that unless they left with their families, the Tribe would all died from starvation.

The cats knew there was a chance that they were setting off to die, but understood the Tribe of Endless Stars decision and followed a star in the sky that the Stoneteller said would be their guide. They crossed harsh snowy mountains, trespassed Twolegplaces, and eventually ended up in the Forest territories.

Their first night, sleeping underneath the Silverpelt in Fourtrees, each of the Tribe cats were visited and blessed by the Tribe of Endless Hunting, whom now referred to themselves as StarClan, having left their fellow ancestors to travel with these cats. Cloud who Hunts in Skies was named, Skystar, and given the pine forests to protect. Thunder that splits Rock was given the name, Thunderstar, and was to protect the woods. Eyes that follow Winds was named Windstar, and tasked with ruling the moors. Claws that gleam in Shadows was named Shadowstar, and was given the Marshes for their domain. Feather that floats in Rivers was called Riverstar, and given the sandy banks and the flowing rivers for their home.

Soon after each cat and their families got settled, more from the Tribe and loners/rogues from the Twolegplace they'd met along the way came to join them, each following a dream from StarClan. Eventually, they formed the clans as they are known today. However, tragedy struck, in the depths of the darkness, a danger known as the Dark Forest rose, twisting cats to do their dark bidding. A war was fought on the physical plane, and many cats lost their lives...

Now, the deputies of the original five leaders rule the clans, each one named in honour of the first leaders. ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan and SkyClan. Though peace has been hard-won, there still lies tensions as clans now compete with each other for survival as the new generation no longer share the bonds of the Tribe to keep them civil.
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Pre-Roleplay History of the Five Territories...
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